The History

Khandela is an ancient town (more than 2000 years old) and was ruled by various dynasties of the Rajput clans. Raja Raisal from the Shekhawat clan of Rajputs established his rule of the region Shekhawati with Khandela as its capital from 1538 – 1615 AD. He married Princess Kisnavati, the only daughter of Raja Peetha of Khandela and thus, was also the 1st Shekhawat Raja of Khandela. Son of Rao Suja of Amarsar, granted the jagir of Lamiya, he was granted the title of “Raja” also a title of “Darbari” and a Mansab of 1250 sawars later raised to 3000 by Emperor Akbar.

He died in 1614. He was great-grandson of Rao Shekha of Amarsar and he belonged to the Kachwaha Clan of Amber/Jaipur. The Shekhawats ruled over the Shekhawati region for over 500 years and are honoured with the hereditary title of “Tazimi Sirdars”, whom HH the Maharaja of Jaipur receives by rising from his seat.and the descendents ruled the state till Indian independence. The present owners are the 17th and 18th Generation of Raja Raisal.

The descendants of Raja Raisal during their rule also developed the region of Shekhawati to make it a internationally known tourist destination specially for its architecture of Havelis (residence of the Elite), castles & forts.

Castle Khandela

Castle Khandela

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